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Opening Hours
Tuesday to Sunday: from 8:30 AM to 7:15 PM, with ticket office closing at 6:15 PM.

Where to Find Us
Piazza Rinascimento 13, 61029, Urbino (PU)

The Collection
Discover the masterpieces preserved in Galleria Nazionale Delle Marche

Call Us
For information, reservations, and group bookings: +39 0722 350077


Immerse yourself in the renaissance splendor of Palazzo Ducale in Urbino, the epic architectural and cultural masterpiece commissioned by Federico da Montefeltro

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Galleria Nazionale delle Marche offers a wide range of cultural events, including temporary exhibitions, conferences, and guided tours, enriching the visitor’s experience. Discover art and history in an engaging way through these special events.

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Paintings, sculptures from the 14th to the 18th century, ceramics, drawings, and furnishings in the most magnificent setting of the Italian Renaissance.

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Here you will find essential details for your experience, such as opening hours, admission fees, and practical information to fully explore the art collection.

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Our library offers a rich variety of printed and digital resources, while our documentary archives preserve the history and culture of the Galleria Nazionale Delle Marche. Explore the past, learn and discover with us.

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A prestigious Gallery within a living Museum, open to events, exhibitions, and ceremonies, in the splendid setting of Renaissance Urbino.

Event Spaces

The magnificent architecture of Palazzo Ducale in Urbino also comes to life for private events, artistic gatherings, concerts, and weddings. Discover the dedicated rooms.

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