Inside the Palazzo Ducale of Urbino, various spaces are available for different events such as weddings, gala dinners, conferences, and graduation parties. The rental fee for the use of these spaces will be determined and agreed upon with the Grantor on a case-by-case basis, depending on the type, features, complexity, and duration of the event. Here are the spaces available for rent:

The Throne Room, located on the Noble Floor of the Palazzo, is the most majestic room and measures 35 meters in length, 15 meters in width, and 17 meters in height at the peak of its vault. During the times of the Montefeltro and Della Rovere families, this grand room was undoubtedly used as the “Hall of Festivities” for displaying the military and dynastic power of the prince. In the era of the Papal Legate, it indeed housed a throne, which is how the room got its name.

Salone del trono del palazzo ducale di urbino

The Hall of Angels, a grand reception and ceremonial hall, is part of the Duke’s Apartment on the Noble Floor of the Palace. Perhaps the most sumptuous and lavishly decorated, the “Hall of Angels” is named for the presence of a large fireplace with a splendid series of dancing Putti (cherubs) sculpted on the architrave.

Inside and almost at the center of the Palace of Federico, you’ll find the Courtyard of Honor, surrounded on all four sides by an elegant portico with arches supported by columns with composite capitals. This wonderful and austere courtyard is charming due to the chromatic combination of the red bricks and ivory stone and the alternation of rectangular windows and pilasters on the upper floor.

cortile d'onore

The Garden of Pasquino is a courtyard located on the ground floor on the southern side of the Palace, and it had a dual historical purpose. On one side, it served as a connection to the ancient residence of the Montefeltro Counts (Count Antonio, Guidantonio, and Oddantonio), and on the other side, it was intended to host the so-called “Mausoleum” of Duke Federico.

ingresso al cortile del pasquino

The magnificent Hanging Garden is situated at the ground level, connecting the building of the Torricini and the ancient Castellare through the western wall. Above this perimeter windowed wall, there used to be a balcony running between two balusters that provided a connection between the Duke’s apartment (the Torricini building) and the Duchess’s apartment (the Castellare building) on the Noble Floor.




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